All our units are 100% tested, Programmed with the latest software

available to your vehicle, fully remanufactured Ready to Plug and Play!!!


  • Always disconnect battery from the car, wait 15 minutes to install new ECU and reconnect the battery.
  • ***Vehicles that have a Security System ( Immobilizer System ) will still need to be reprogrammed by a locksmith, dealer or licensed mechanic with programming tools. (Cars usually dated 2000 and up have security system).***
  • Not following proper diagnoses and troubleshooting can and will DAMAGE this unit resulting in WARRANTY VOID
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY will get activated with a Rebuildable CORE RETURN. *Core Fee may apply ($100.00 up to $250.00) if you don't have a CORE or a Rebuildable CORE. 
  • Core must be received with the return form included with your invoice by our facility within 14 days of delivery, if Core is not received within the 14 days the Lifetime Warranty will be automatically VOIDED. In the case you need an extension on the core return please contact us.
  • The Core must have the same part number as the unit purchased and be in a rebuildable condition in order to qualify for a full core credit if you paid for the Core deposit at the time of purchased.  Partial Core credit is provided for Core with part number different than the unit purchased.  Remanufactured parts and services come with warranty stated on invoice.